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Time You Began Work

Refers to the actual start time if you reported to work. Otherwise, indicate your regular scheduled start time if you were on vacation, sick, on travel, etc.

Special Work Schedules

Telecommute: Work a full day at home or satellite work station. The work station commute must reduce your normal commute to the worksite by at least 51%.
Noncommuting: Every full 24-hour period in which you conducted work outside OC and non-desert portions of LA, SB and Riverside counties. Or you did not do any work-related trips in this region for a 24-hour period. Selection W, includes company travel.
Other: Selection CC, includes jury duty, regular day off, home-dispatched.
Vacation: Selection AA refers to paid time off.
Sick: Selection BB refers to paid sick time off.
Compressed Work 3/36: Work 3 days, 12 hours each day. TWO days off.
Compressed Work 4/40: Work 4 days, 10 hours each day. ONE day off.
Compressed Work 9/80: Work 9 days, 80 hours.


If you worked a 3/36 schedule during the survey week, you will select commute modes for the THREE days you worked and mark the TWO days off with 3/36.

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Employee Commute Survey

Please complete your company’s required commute survey. Your participation helps
beat gridlock and improve air quality. Your personal contact information is confidential.

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Survey: 7 January, 2019 to 11 January, 2019
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Day Commute Mode Time You Began Work
MON: Jan 7
TUE: Jan 8
WED: Jan 9
THU: Jan 10
FRI: Jan 11
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